Our Beginnings

About Hip Hop Government:

Hip Hop Government was founded 2005 in Dallas, Texas by Damon Wofford, Jay Scroggins, and Chris Williams. The three young entrepreneurs saw a need to get the local hip hop culture involved in the political process, because the issues of that community were not being addressed politically due to their lack of involvement. Seeing themselves as leaders of Dallas’ southern sector, Wofford, Scroggins and Williams sought to form a group that would encourage political representation of hip hop culture to benefit all members of that community. The group would serve as an avenue to recruit, groom and promote political leaders within the culture. In addition, the organization’s founders wanted to show society and the hip hop community that the mainstream symbols of the culture are not necessarily its leaders.

Hip Hop Government’s mission is to mobilize the people of the hip hop culture to use their vote for positive change for political, social and economic concerns. In September 2007, the organization helped to organize and mobilize over 1,800 people traveling by bus and car to Jena, Louisiana to protest the incarceration of six black teenagers. Additionally, in recent months the organization’s weekly Party with a Purpose has recruited thousands of diverse members to the organization who have registered to vote. Hip Hop Government is also working in collaboration with Obama Dallas Youth & Young Adults to sponsor the First Annual Hip Hop Government Power Summit. The event, scheduled for Saturday, February 23, 2008, will address the political and social issues facing the hip hop generation and its communities. The focus of the first annual event will be urban revitalization, entrepreneurship and education. The half-day event will be a lead-in to the Take It to the Streets Voter Registration March sponsored by Dallas City Councilwoman Carolyn Davis.